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6 December 2016



30 November 2016

IFA has established a reputation of producing the highest quality and safest feed in the industry.  A recent recall was issued on one of our rabbit pellet feeds that showed high levels of vitamin D3 after it was voluntarily reported to the FDA.   This feed was produced between March 15th and September 15th of this year.  There is a full investigation underway to address this problem.   All rabbit pellets manufactured after September 16th are safe to feed.  If you have any recalled feed, please return it to one of our IFA Country Stores for a full refund.  If your rabbits […]

Tips for Healthy Happy Chickens All Winter

23 November 2016

Just like we need to protect ourselves and homes from the cold, your chickens need to be protected, too. Egg production will decrease if your chickens are not properly cared for during harsh temperatures. Nutrition Chickens need extra protein during stressful times. Cold temperatures are often stressful for birds.  We recommend feeding a feed with 20% protein during winter months.  During summer months, chickens will peck at the ground, picking up bugs that add protein to their diet.  Feeding a 20% protein feed makes up for the missing protein your chickens get by eating those little critters.  Talking with a […]

A How-To for Winterizing Your Bees

23 November 2016

Believe it or not, winterizing your beehive is really a 12-month process.  Why?  Because, by far, the most important aspect of winterizing any beehive is making sure your bees have the nutrition to survive the winter.  And nutrition really starts in the spring.  Supplemental feeding throughout the year (but especially in the spring) does two things:  (1) Provides the nutrition bees need heading into the winter, and (2) you help build needed weight on the hive.  (You can make life easy on yourself by visiting an IFA Country Store as they have an entire nutritional line for honey bees, including pollen […]

Smoking a Turkey? Read this First.

23 November 2016

Let’s face it. Smokers are more popular than ever. Why? Because smokers give any kind of food a delicious and smoky flavor, with very minimal attention needed. If you’re thinking a celebrating one of the holidays with a wonderful smoked turkey, here are some critical but simple step-by-step directions you’ll want to follow: Step 1: Brine Brining is a great way to add weight and moisture to your turkey. There are lots of brine mixes available. One of the best we’ve found is the Traeger brine mix. It comes in a dry package. Just add a gallon of water, and […]

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