IFA Poultry Feed and the Intermountain Area

1242A feeding program is only as effective as the management practices. Actual results can vary depending upon feed consumption, environmental conditions and the quality of management practices. Our natural grains are free of all animal proteins and fats for healthy active birds.

Grains and other plant proteins that are processed in just the right way allow for easy digestion and maximum the amount of nutrients absorbed from the feed. Whether you are feeding a MASH, CRUMBLE, PELLET or cracked grain, the IFA poultry feed is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the specified poultry.

Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of research done on minerals and vitamins. Minerals are inorganic compounds that are required in all living organisms. Processes are available that connect amino acids to these inorganic compounds to create “organic minerals” or chelated minerals. These chelated minerals have a much higher absorption rate in the animal. In addition, if the mineral is attached to an essential amino acid such as Methionine or Lysine the mineral becomes very high quality and thus improves the overall feed. On the label it will read something like this, “Copper Lysine Complex,” which means that this Copper has been attached to the amino acid Lysine. “Copper Amino acid Chelate” means that the mineral Copper has been chelated to an amino acid but this does not mention which amino acid is involved. Chelated minerals are not found in many national brand feeds because of the added cost to the final product. All of the IFA feeds with added minerals have Chelated minerals in the blend.

Little things like these make a big difference in the world of poultry nutrition. When selecting a poultry feed, consider the activity level, the age, the size and the breed of the animal. IFA has nutritionists just a phone call away to answer your basic or in-depth questions. (801-619-1381)