Steam Flaked Corn and Steam Flaked Soybean are some exclusively manufactured ingredients that make the IFA brand of cattle feed the best in the area. IFA cattle feed have just the right amount of Vitamins, chelated and non-chelated minerals to meet the needs of all breeds and purposes of cattle.

Learn about feeding show calves

IFA Show Steer Feeds

FEEDS meets all the latest in nutritional requirements for the fast growing calf and puts on the type of finish that judges look for. IFA CATTLE SHOW FEEDS are highly molassified, texturized feeds formulated
to supply the high quality proteins, energy, vitamins and minerals needed for the modern type showcalf to express its genetic potential.
The IFA CATTLE SHOW FEEDS are fed as a three phase program:

    18% CALF STARTER … for introducing calves to grain for the first time. IFA 18% CALF STARTER provides a high quality protein-energy diet that sets up the rumen bacteria to digest starches found in cereal grains. Start off slow (1lb) and slowly increase over several days until the calf is consuming approximately 8-12 lbs. daily, then switch to IFA 15% CALF GROWER.
    15% CALF GROWER …continue increasing daily amount until the calf reaches full feed of the amount he will consume each day. Continue to feed what the calf will eat each day (2-3 feedings per day).
    13% CALF FINISHER … feed for the final 45 to 60 days to put the final finish on the calf

(The above is a suggested feeding program. The actual feeding program will be determined by the Breed, Age and environmental conditions.)

IFA SHOW CALF FEEDS are available as Non-medicated Natural or Medicated with BOVATEC©
(lasalocid sodium) which aids in the prevention of coccidiosis and increase daily weight gain and feed efficiency.

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Feed along with quality alfalfa hay and fresh, clean water. IFA uses a specially designed process to steam flake whole soybeans. When soybeans are heated (cooked) to high temperatures and run through a steam flaking process, the structure of the protein is altered so that higher levels of the protein becomes less available to the rumen microflora and more available in the lower digestive tract. The soy bean oil is retained in the bean and therefore becomes a good source of highly digestible energy for increased rate of gain and also improves skin and hair condition.

A similar process is used to steam flake whole corn, only instead of changing the protein structure, the structure of the starches (energy source) are changed (gelatinized) which makes it much more available to both the starch digesting bacteria and therefore animal. The starch in Whole Corn is about 75-80% digestible while the Steam Flaked Corn is 93-98% digestible by rumen bacteria.

IFA Cattle Feed And the Intermountain Area

There are many benefits to living in the Intermountain area. Certainly one benefit is the high quality hay that is grown here. This hay is, among other things, high in protein and calcium. In mammals, calcium and phosphorus work together in balance with each other. High levels of calcium affect the absorption of phosphorus. Because the IFA feed is formulated and manufactured here in the Intermountain West, we focus on all the unique needs of our area. Grains and other plant proteins that are processed in just the right way allow cattle to digest and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the feed. The IFA steam flaking process presents the feed in a way that allows cattle to utilize the maximum amount of naturally existing nutrients. The process of steam flaking soybeans and corn, include high temperature steam for an extended period of time, then the bean or grain is directed through a flaking press which compresses the product to improve nutrient absorption. Similar science is used in preparing human food. For example, carrots that are made into “baby food” are much easier to digest then a fresh carrot.

Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of research done on minerals and vitamins. Minerals are inorganic compounds that are required in all living organisms. Processes are available that connect amino acids to these inorganic compounds to create “organic minerals” or chelated minerals. These chelated minerals have a much higher absorption rate in the animal. In addition, if the mineral is attached to an essential amino acid such as Methionine or Lysine the mineral becomes very high quality and thus improves the overall feed. On the label it will read something like this, “Copper Lysine Complex,” which means that this Copper has been attached to the amino acid Lysine. “Copper Amino acid Chelate” means that the mineral Copper has been chelated to an amino acid but this does not mention which amino acid is involved. Chelated minerals are not found in many national brand feeds because of the added cost to the final product. All of the IFA CATTLE SHOW FEEDS have Chelated minerals in the blend.

Little things like these make a big difference in the world of bovine nutrition. When selecting a cattle feed, consider the activity level, the age, the size and the breed of the animal. IFA has nutritionists just a phone call away to answer your basic or in-depth questions. Custom blends are also available.

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