• Now this is a SCARECROW!
    Below is what happens when you let an engineer re-invent the scarecrow.  This thing will keep the birds out of the garden, the neighbors out of the yard, and may even keep your kids on […]

  • What Tomato Variety is Right For You?
    Picking the right tomato at the supermarket is not a big deal.  But if you’re planting tomatoes, picking the right tomato IS a big deal.  Because you’ll be growin […]

  • Things You Never Thought You’d Grill/Smoke.  Everything You’ve Never Thought to Ask About Grills/Smokers.
    Grilling/smoking season is fast approaching.  And who doesn’t enjoy a delicious grilled steak or hamburge […]

  • Ever wonder where your animal’s feed comes from? IFA feed products are locally milled and delivered fresh, directly to your local IFA Country Store. This is one of several IFA Feed Mills working to bring you […]

  • Just like we need to protect ourselves and homes from the cold, your chickens need to be protected, too. Egg production will decrease if your chickens are not properly cared for during harsh […]

  • Better Garden Soil/Garden Prep
    Preparing a garden for planting seeds may seem like a simple task, but there’s actually a lot to consider. The most important part of preparing a garden starts with the soil. B […]

  • Have a Beautiful Lawn in Four Easy Steps
    Our long snowy winter is finally over. As the weather is starting to turn warmer, many homeowners are trying to get a jump-start on having the best lawn in the […]

  • Easy Backyard Chickens

    If you’ve ever thought that you might enjoy the taste of fresh eggs in the morning by raising chickens, but also thought it might be too much of a hassle, you might want to think again. T […]

  • Please watch for our bee classes Schedules taught across Utah. Or check with your local IFA Country Store for their class schedules. And (click here) sign up on our bee keeping […]

  • Let’s face it. Smokers are more popular than ever. Why? Because smokers give any kind of food a delicious and smoky flavor, with very minimal attention needed. If you’re thinking a celebrating one of the hol […]

  • “Called to order…had son pick it up…very friendly & helpful with dimensions etc.”
    ~ Margaret s.


    Our Blue Ribbon Program puts you in control of inspiring top service from our employees!

    You can a […]

  • “Our cashier today was Jordan J. She was very courteous with a pleasant sense of humor. During the transaction, Jordan remembered that she could give us a sale price and immediately corrected the pricing so we […]

  • “She was courteous and always looking for someone to help as she is working on other tasks needed to be done. She makes herself available to help everytime I have come into the store and she was even busy with […]

  • “We have been using this IFA for many years. While high school students work there and move on, Tamara has been there for a very long time. She knows customers by name, is always quick to smile and ask about your […]

  • “Marta is a example of great customer service.
    She truly cares to understand our needs everytime I come in and have questions about rabbit’s and Bees products. She is always available to answer questions.
    Great […]

  • “These guys helped me get on my feet raising chickens. I got some beautiful birds from them and my chickens honestly love IFA’s feed!!”

    ~ Zachary


    Our Blue Ribbon Program puts you in control of […]

  • “We moved to Redmond UT in 2014. My husband, and I have done a lot of business over many decades. We used to live in Goshen UT in Utah County. Dealing with Blake at the Salina store has given us new hope that […]

  • “When I had a embarrassing accident do to a shortened bowl. Holly made sure I had everything I needed and offered to give me her employees discount to help out. Not many people like that any more, She was so […]

  • “Tasha is very knowledgeable about store products and their location in the store. I was able to purchase all items on my list plus a few extra gifts thanks to Tasha! Jim was also helpful in locating a coupon item […]

  • There are literally hundreds of breeds of chickens and each is unique in their own way.  These are ten breeds of chickens we’ve found to be good for children who are just ge […]

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