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Pet Supplies

IFA carries a large selection of pet food and supplies, from collars to toys, kennels to feeders. We carry PetMate products, including their dog houses, kennels, toys, feeders, waterers, bedding, litter boxes, bowls and dishes, collars and leashes. We also have top of the line large dog kennels from Priefert, pet toys from Kong and Premier Pet, and leashes and collars from Weaver Leather. IFA is your one-stop shopping for all pet food and supplies.

Pet food and supplies

Pet food and supplies

Pet food and supplies

Pet food and supplies

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Pet Food

There are more brands of pet foods in the market today then there are cereal brands. So how do you know what to buy for your pet? IFA can help!
Read the label, specifically the ingredient listing. If you are purchasing a premium pet food, the number one ingredient should be a meat based product. As you shop price you will find that the less expensive you get the more grain based your food becomes. IFA has many pet food varieties in the super premium pet food category like ARKAT VF Formulas and Science Diet, to premium diets such as our Enhance line, to our Economy diets like our Farm & Ranch line of complete pet foods. Here at IFA, we know about pet foods and can find the right one for your dog or cat. We understand that each animal requires different nutrients depending on his or her lifestyle. That’s why we at IFA work hard to carry lines of quality products to fit every need. Every pet food from our VF Complete line of Veterinarian Formulated products to our Farm & Ranch foods provide a complete and balanced diet, and each formula is carefully processed with just the right combination of nutrients to handle specific dietary needs.
Come on in and we will find the best food for your pet at the best price for your nutrition dollar.

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