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IFA’s Utah FFA Scholarship

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Since 1923, Intermountain Farmers Association has played a big part in the care and feeding of animals throughout the West. And from those beginnings, IFA has recognized the significant impact raising animals can have on the developing values and character of young people. That’s why IFA created the Young Producer Program – a program specifically designed to encourage youth to learn and practice correct principles of feeding and caring for animals.

Participant Eligibility and Benefits

Youth between the ages of 8 and 18, who raise an animal and practice care for showing, competing, or breeding purposes, are eligible. Participants can look forward to a customized cap, incentive discount vouchers, and a membership card that allows certain privileges throughout the year—not to mention the rewards that come with raising and caring for their own animals.


Your project can range from a full breeding program to competitive showing, or it might be as basic as caring for animals as approved by your local IFA Country Store Manager. He or she can provide you with basic feeding, care, and nutritional information for most animal species. We also encourage Young Producers to learn all they can by talking with local farmer, ranchers, and veterinarians, and by joining organizations such as 4-H, FFA, or other associations and clubs.

Program Procedure

    1. Register at your local IFA Country Store for the Young Producer Program

    2. Upon registration you will receive the following items:
         a. Young Producer hat
         b. Discount vouchers that can be used immediately
         c. Personalized Young Producer Membership card

    3. Young Producers is designed to assist 4-H, FFA, and other associations and club youth with any animal feeding project. Feed relating to this project qualify for a 10% rebate at the conclusion of your animal project in the form of an IFA gift card. Or, a 10% discount on your feed at the time of purchase. Program will vary from store to store based on location. See your local store manager for full details.

    4. 10% rebates are allowed on these maximum bag levels per animal listed.
         a. Steer or Heifer                            80
         b. Market Hog                                 15
         c. Market Lamb                               10
         d. Market Goat                                10
         e. Broilers                                       12
         f. Turkeys                                        10
         g. Rabbits                                         5
         h. Roasters/Capons                        10

How to Join

Simply fill out an enrollment form at your nearest IFA Country Store or print your enrollment form online and take it to your local IFA Country Store. Your membership is good for an entire calendar year but if you haven’t completed your project within that time frame simply renew your membership by filling out another form to continue with your project.

Intermountain Farmers Association

IFA has a long history that, after almost 90 years in business, includes over 24 retail stores and 60 affiliated dealers throughout the Intermountain West. That rich history also includes supporting and encouraging youth programs related to agriculture, such as 4-H, FFA, and other clubs. Because we know that raising and caring for animals can teach us a great deal about the world around us and about ourselves, we’re confident that today’s Young Producers will become tomorrow’s leaders! IFA Country Stores Helping to Grow the Things You Love.

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