Full-fat, steam-flaked soybeans produced by IFA
by Bob Young, IFA Nutritionist

      IFA is the only feed mill in the western United States that has the ability of steam flaking whole soybeans that we call IFA “Soy Flakes.”
      Soybeans are considered one of the optimum sources for supplemental protein fed to livestock today. Raw soybeans, however, cannot be fed to livestock other than ruminants and consequently, raw soybeans must be treated in order to make them suitable as a feed supplement.
      The reason soybeans cannot be fed in the raw state is because proteolytic inhibiting substances are present in the raw beans. The presence of these inhibiting substances require that the soybeans be cooked or heated in order to destroy the harmful urease enzymes and trypsin inhibitors. These substances, if not eliminated, have a retarding effect upon the growth of animals and prevent the animal from getting the full benefits of the soy protein.
      In order to achieve a soybean feed product which is free of the inhibiting substances, most soybeans are now processed by solvent-extraction method which unfortunately removes nearly all of the oil in the soybean so that the resultant meal contains only about 0.5 percent of the original oil contained in raw soybeans.
      The IFA method of making soy flakes is to take raw soybeans with the hulls intact and cook them in a large steam chest at temperatures greater than 220 degrees, followed by running them through a roller mill.
      The process of being rolled creates a flash temperature of about 300 degrees. The cooking and rolling procedure destroys the majority of the harmful urease enzymes and trypsin inhibitors. The beans are then put through a large cooler to eliminate added moisture acquired during the cooking process.
      The end results are a source of highly digestible protein (38 percent) that is an excellent source of essential amino acids and omega fatty acids. The soybean oil (18 to 20 percent fat) is well protected and uniformly distributed, throughout the soy flakes. It is an excellent source of energy from an unsaturated type of fat.
      Soy flakes are also a source of minerals and some of the B-complex vitamins. Since the soy hulls are left intact with the bean, soy flakes are also a good source of digestible fiber.
      For the past 14 years, IFA has been including soy flakes in our bagged, texturized horse feeds, calf feeds and lamb feeds. Truckloads have also been sent to some of the large California dairy calf ranches, and to large dairies throughout Utah and southern Idaho.
      The benefits of feeding soy flakes are: improved rate of growth in young animals, increased milk production, and an excellent protein supplement for corn and barley diets.
      Also, the high levels of oil in IFA’s soy flakes put a nice shine to the hair coat of show animals, as well as provide high amounts of energy. Recent studies have estimated that a pound of soy flakes will have about two and one-half times the energy as found in a pound of corn.
      Soy flakes can be fed to cattle, sheep, horses and swine. Besides being added to several IFA feeds, soy flakes can be purchased as an energy-protein supplement at your IFA store or dealer.