Step 1
Early Spring: Crabgrass & Spurge Preventer
Apply: March-April
Prevents crabgrass, spurge and many other weeds before they appear. Works up to 5 months. Builds turf with a balanced lawn food.
Step 2
Spring: Weed & Feed (20-10-5)
Apply: April-May
Builds turf and kills dandelions and up to 200 broadleaf weeds with one application! Formulated to give quick green color and build strong roots.
Step 3
Summer: 25-5-10
Apply: June-August
Our best fertilizer, formulated with slow release nitrogen and a generous amount of iron to keep your lawn in showcase condition all summer.
Step 4
Fall & Winter: 17-5-10
Apply: September-November
A blend of nutrients specially formulated to keep your lawn healthy through the Winter and provide early Spring green-up.

Do I need to fertilize?
Yes, your lawn needs nutrients to keep it healthy. Elements such as nitrogren, phosphorus, and potassium are usually present in the soil, but can decrease over time. Fertilizing your lawn will help to protect it from weeds and disease, and help it grow dense and thick. You should never over-apply fertilizer. Too much fertilizer can bring undesired results.
How often should I fertilize?
Typically, you should fertilize at least four times in the growing season, early spring, early summer, late summer, and late fall. Aeration is also a good idea in early fall or early spring, depending on the soil type and where you live. Insect and weed control is another important consideration.
What type of fertilizer?
There are two types of lawn fertilizer: liquid and granular. In the dry climates, liquids and granular products can be used effectively. Liquid fertilizers work more quickly, but have a short-lived residual. Granular fertilizer takes longer to affect the lawn, but feed the grass plants through the root system, rather than through the grass blades, as a liquid fertilizer does. Also, granular fertilizer releases the nutrients over time, providing a longer lasting benefit to the grass. Both types may be used together also. If heavy rain occurs, either type of fertilizer can be washed out and made ineffective, so it is important to apply it during appropriate times.
IFA carries a variety of quality fertilizers for your lawn care needs. Let us help you create a greener, healthier lawn.