4 Step Fertilizer Program Plus Bountiful Earth Humate


IFA Step 1 Lawn Fertilizer program

Crabgrass & Spurge Preventer 23-3-8 Fertilizer with Iron.
• Apply: February to April
• Prevents crabgrass, spurge and many other weeds before they appear
• Controls weeds from seed up to 4 months
• Provides early spring green-up.
• Iron promotes dark green color
• 50lb bag covers 10,000 sq. ft. and 25lb bag covers 5,000 sq. ft.


Weed & Feed with Iron 24-3-6

• Apply: April-May
• Feeds lawn and kills dandelions and up to 200 broadleaf weeds with one easy step!
• Added iron for dark green color
• 40lb bag covers 10,000 sq. ft. and 20lb bag covers 5,000sq. ft.

IFA Step 2 Lawn Fertilizer Program


IFA Step 3 Lawn Fertilizer program

Spring and Summer 25-5-10 fertilizer with Omnicote iron, manganese and zinc.
• Apply: June-August
• Contains slow release nitrogen for even, consistent, summer-long feeding.
• Formulated with Omnicote iron, manganese and zinc. Each nutrient coats every fertilizer granule resulting in a beautiful, dark green lawn.
• Contains 3 types of iron for fast, medium and long term greening.


Fall &Winter 22-2-12 fertilizer with Omnicote Iron

• Apply: September-November
• Contains Omnicote iron to help hold dark green color into late fall and early winter
• A blend of nutrients specially formulated to keep your lawn healthy through the Winter and provide early Spring green-up.
• Most important feeding of the year!


Aeration is also a good idea in early fall or early spring allowing water and nutrients to more easily reach the root system.

Applying Lawn Fertilizer for a Green Lawn Fertilizing with IFA Fertilizer

Lawn Fertilizing with IFA lawn fertilizer only takes a few minutes and is as simple as mowing. The benefits are worthwhile for your lawn and the improved appearance of a green lawn will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. For more tips on a lawn fertilizing for a greener lawn see our ‘Five Tips to a Green Lawn‘ IFA has the best fertilizer for lawn growth depending on your soil, climate, water, and land use.

So drop by IFA to get your 4-step lawn fertilizer for a green lawn in no time.

Intermountain Farmers Association is your local farm and garden co-operative, specializing in the specific needs of the Wasatch Range.

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IFA 4 Step fertilizer lawn care program
IFA 4 Step fertilizer lawn care program
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