4 Step Fertilizer Program Plus Bountiful Earth Humate


IFA Step 1 Lawn Fertilizer program

Crabgrass & Spurge Preventer 23-3-8 Fertilizer with Iron.
• Apply: February to April
• Prevents crabgrass, spurge and many other weeds before they appear
• Controls weeds from seed up to 4 months
• Provides early spring green-up.
• Iron promotes dark green color
• 50lb bag covers 10,000 sq. ft. and 25lb bag covers 5,000 sq. ft.


Weed & Feed with Iron 24-3-6

• Apply: April-May
• Feeds lawn and kills dandelions and up to 200 broadleaf weeds with one easy step!
• Added iron for dark green color
• 40lb bag covers 10,000 sq. ft. and 20lb bag covers 5,000sq. ft.

IFA Step 2 Lawn Fertilizer Program


IFA Step 3 Lawn Fertilizer program

Spring and Summer 25-5-10 fertilizer with Omnicote iron, manganese and zinc.
• Apply: June-August
• Contains slow release nitrogen for even, consistent, summer-long feeding.
• Formulated with Omnicote iron, manganese and zinc. Each nutrient coats every fertilizer granule resulting in a beautiful, dark green lawn.
• Contains 3 types of iron for fast, medium and long term greening.


Fall &Winter 22-2-12 fertilizer with Omnicote Iron

• Apply: September-November
• Contains Omnicote iron to help hold dark green color into late fall and early winter
• A blend of nutrients specially formulated to keep your lawn healthy through the Winter and provide early Spring green-up.
• Most important feeding of the year!


It’s very common for national chain stores to sell lawn and garden products such as grass seed and certain soil amendments that are good for most parts of the country but that are entirely wrong for your area!

This often happens because the buyer for these stores, purchases product that is good for most regions of the country, but may actually be harmful to the Intermountain West. 

For example, have you ever been told to add lime to your lawn and garden?  This is good advice for homeowners in much of the country, but following this advice in your area would be disastrous! 

Unfortunately, most homeowners that get this advice, spend money on the wrong products, only to watch their lawns get even worse, but assume it’s for other reasons.  They may even believe things like “I followed the expert’s advice and used great products and my lawn still died.  I must just have a black thumb.”  Don’t give up!  It’s not really not your fault.

Along the Wasatch Front, our pH is already high and using products formulated for general needs will raise your soil’s pH higher still! (I recently visited a competing farm supply store in the area and found a pallet of lime for sale in their garden department… ouch!)

Our lawn and garden experts at IFA have formulated the absolute best lawn care and fertilizer products available to meet the natural needs of lawns and gardens here in the Intermountain West.  Because of our local knowledge, IFA fertilizer consistently out performs the national bands, and at a better price!  IFA’s 4 Step Lawn Care Plus Fertilizer Program consistently produces the greenest lawns in the neighborhood while at the same time, helps to conserve water and save you money!

If you know someone who’s building a new home, or putting in a new lawn, make sure they know that having a great lawn starts with the right grass seed (you can simply forward this email to anyone in need of insider information). 

Here’s another LOCAL EXPERT TIP: 
Buy a seed that has a blend of Premium, Hybrid Bluegrasses or seed that has both Premium, Hybrid Bluegrasses and Premium Hybrid Perennial Ryegrasses.  Either of these are excellent choices for a beautiful, dark green lawn in the Intermountain West.

IFA offers both types of seed with our IFA GreenStar5 blend (5 premium bluegrasses) and IFA Quick Green (premium bluegrass/ryegrass mix). 

WHAT TO AVOID: Any grass seed such as K-31 Tall Fescue or any grass seed mix containing annual ryegrass.  K-31 Fescue has a wide blade and a medium green color and is very unattractive (we’ve also seen this being sold by the pallet to unsuspecting customers at other stores… another ouch!).  This grass is great for areas of the country with high summer heat, high humidity and cold winters, but NOT here.

At IFA, LOCAL experts provide LOCAL advice and products formulated specifically to produce amazing results for the unique conditions of your lawn and garden!  It’s the same advice and products being used by the pros on golf courses, parks and public lawns in your area.

Aeration is also a good idea in early fall or early spring allowing water and nutrients to more easily reach the root system.

Applying Lawn Fertilizer for a Green Lawn Fertilizing with IFA Fertilizer

Lawn Fertilizing with IFA lawn fertilizer only takes a few minutes and is as simple as mowing. The benefits are worthwhile for your lawn and the improved appearance of a green lawn will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. For more tips on a lawn fertilizing for a greener lawn see our ‘Five Tips to a Green Lawn‘ IFA has the best fertilizer for lawn growth depending on your soil, climate, water, and land use.

So drop by IFA to get your 4-step lawn fertilizer for a green lawn in no time.

Intermountain Farmers Association is your local farm and garden co-operative, specializing in the specific needs of the Wasatch Range.

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IFA 4 Step fertilizer lawn care program
IFA 4 Step fertilizer lawn care program
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